2009 Zombie Walk

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Today we were zombies. I was a farmer zombie, Ben a yobbo zombie and Ally was an... Ally zombie. The life of a Zombie is a good one; it is simple: find and eat tasty brains, and then find and eat MORE BRAINS.

Anyway everyone had a hell of a lot of fun. The Bucket-o-brains was especially good - although next time I make imitation brains I will add sugar to the porridge to make it taste a bit better. Didn't stop me grossing out loads of people though. :)

There were some simply fantastic zombies too; hard hat zombie, Michael Jackson Zombie, Housemaid Zombie, Zombie Santa, and Librarian Zombie - just to name a few. Congrats to all who went and got their zombie on - and extra special thanks to Ally for transforming Ben and I into totally awesome zombies, and then zombifying herself in 10 minutes flat!

Lastly, check out the flickr pool here for many many more awesome zombie pics.