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IPChangeDetect is a program that will periodically scan your machine's internet IP address, and automatically update your DDNS entry if it changes, using the DDNS system at http://www.ddns.nu. It's pretty simple really. Read the docs to get more info.

Version History:

-Added to the 'private' ip list so it will be flagged as static by default.
-New IPs will be automatically flagged as 'static' if they are in the private ranges 10.0.0.x, 192.168.x.x and 169.254.x.x.
-Fixed bug where if update was called twice in one go (eg if two IPs were not flagged as static) it would crash with an error. Now it'll pop up a box and warn you, so you can go in and make sure only one IP is not ticked as static
-Redid the display code for the DDNS updater, it's a bit cleaner now and doesn't show the password.
-tested the timeout code - it does work properly (of course ;))
-Fixed a bug whereby only one update would work per time run
-Added a manual 'update now' button
-Tried to add code to handle server timeouts, kinda hard to test but I think it'll work
-Incorporated James Salter's AutoDDNS code
-First Release, boring and buggy

Click below to download the latest version (EXE only - 56k, or full installer - 1455k) (28/10/01, V1.1.21)

Files available for download: